Dr Sandra Campbell has been awarded a NHMRC Early Career Fellowship

23 April 2014

Highlights to date

The aim of Sandra’s study Healthy Pregnancies – reducing risk for Aboriginal mothers and babies is to establish a "young women’s" cohort and track the factors that minimise health risks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of childbearing age.

This study will follow a group of young Aboriginal women and their children through their interactions with the health system mainly via records linkage with statistical and trend analysis. 

It will assist in understanding whether a focus on reducing risk in pregnancy, for example, from the impacts of disease such as maternal diabetes or from excessive alcohol consumption; can improve longer term maternal and child health.

NHMRC Project Description:

Improving pre-pregnancy health and pregnancy outcomes in north Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Indicative Funding: $306,596 over 4 years

The key aim of this research program is to identify opportunities and time-points for effective primary, secondary and tertiary interventions to improve health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of childbearing age and their infants in north Queensland communities. The program will seek to establish sustainable processes to conduct surveillance and epidemiological research to determine protective maternal characteristics, and to monitor the impact of potentially preventable risk conditions on pregnancy and birth outcomes. An additional component of the program is to rigorously evaluate outcomes of complex interventions restricting the supply of alcohol in Cape York which may have powerful short and long-term impacts on the health of women of childbearing age and their infants

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