Sean Taylor awarded Roberta Sykes 2015 Fellowship

3 July 2014

Sean Taylor was awarded a Roberta Sykes Fellowship for the value of $8000 to help fund his extended doctoral attachment at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, University of California, San Deigo, USA.

This placement forms part of Sean's Doctor of Public Health Studies. The Roberta Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation provides partial funding for Indigenous postgraduate students to undertake research, at a recognised overseas academic institution, as part of their Australian postgraduate study program.

Sean's extended doctoral attachment has been scheduled from January 12 – March 16, 2015. During this time Sean will acquire advance methodologies and knowledge useful for the development for his Doctor of Public Health thesis titled “Improving Diabetes Care and Management in Torres Strait Remote Primary Health Care Settings”.

This includes:

  • Study 1 (Psychological Insulin Resistance amongst Torres Strait Islanders with Type 2 diabetes)
  • Study 2 (A Sustainable Workflow: Diabetes Care and Management in Remote Torres Strait Islands)

Sean will gain skills and experience in an extended workplace environment related to his area of research, by working closely with Associate Clinical Professor William Polonsky and his team at the Behavioural Diabetes Institute. William Polonsky is an Internationally recognized expert on the behavioural aspects of diabetes.

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