Sean Taylor presents to NHMRC event in Canberra, a NAIDOC week celebration of Indigenous Health Research

11 July 2014

Celebrating Indigenous Health Research during NAIDOC Week (6-13 July), NHMRC staff and invited guests met in Canberra to recognise the contribution of Indigenous Australians to Australia, and to health and medical research in particular. CRE Indigenous health researcher Sean Taylor presented to the group. Sean is a descendent from the Dowareb tribe from Mer Island in the Eastern Torres Straits and is currently completing his Doctorate of Public Health at James Cook University. His research aims to improve diabetes care and management, including by better understanding psychological barriers individuals face when accessing care. The rate of diabetes among Indigenous Australians is around 2-4 times higher than for the general population, and Sean’s work holds much potential for improving health outcomes in this area.

NHMRC takes its commitment to improving the health of Indigenous Australians seriously. As well as funding research to improve Indigenous health, NHMRC plays an important role in increasing the number of Indigenous researchers, building capacity by including initiatives to encourage Indigenous researchers to apply to NHMRC schemes with tips to make applications competitive and ways to improve researcher mentoring.




 From left: Artist Greg Joseph, NHMRC staff Samantha Faulkner, and researcher Sean Taylor



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