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Getting Better at Chronic Care 

The Getting Better at Chronic Care in North Queensland project introduced and evaluates a new strategy for integrated community-based, intensive chronic condition management of people with poorly controlled diabetes by Indigenous Health Workers (IHWs).

NHMRC Partnerships Grant
Robyn McDermott and Barbara Schmidt
Healthy Babies 

The Healthy Babies program will seek to establish sustainable processes to conduct surveillance and epidemiological research to determine protective maternal characteristics, and to monitor the impact of potentially preventable risk conditions on pregnancy / birth outcomes.

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship
Sandra Campbell
Improve Diabetes Care in Torres Strait 

The project aims to improve the management of diabetes in high risk people in remote Torres Strait communities through two studies. The first will improve our understanding of the issues behind so called "psychological insulin resistance" (the refusal of Torres Strait Islanders to receive insulin treatment in spite of very poor glucose control). The second study will look at the impact of formal diabetes care planning and referrals in 5 remote clinics on care processes

National Heart Foundations Scholarship
Sean Taylor
Opportunitistic Bicycle Path Evaluation

In the past 30 years there have been significant declines in walking and cycling to school. This evaluation is a unique opportunity to examine whether the provision of a new bicycle path will help in reversing these trends. Our evaluation will inform future policy and practice in active travel.

Cycle Network Local Governement Grant Scheme
Klaus Gebel, Melody Ding, Robyn McDermott and Dafna Meron
Long term effects of antibiotics as possible precursors to obesity and chronic disease in a high risk indigenous population 

Indigenous children are at high risk of early childhood infections. To date, concerns about antibiotic overuse have been related to increasing bacterial resistance. The aim of the project is to consider long-term risks for obesity and associated diseases due to disruption of the gut microbiome.

AITHM and North Queensland Hospital Foundation
Sandy Campbell, Robyn McDermott, Dympna Lenoard and Alan Reuben
Culturally based physical interventions

The significance of this project will allow for a valid and reliable device to measure physical activity levels in a community based population and create a template protocol for future interventions. Overall, the aim is to increase physical activity and create a sustainable long term activity program to assist with reducing the burden of chronic disease.

Ashleigh Sushames 
So like your Mum!  Is the health of mothers in far north Queensland reflected in the nutrition and growth of their children in early life?

The research will link information about mothers, before and during pregnancy, with information about their children’s growth, haemoglobin and early development. The  study will provide information on the prevalence of anaemia among FNQ Indigenous mothers and their babies, and identify key risk factors for anaemia in this setting, which is needed to develop effective interventions.

NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship
 Dympna Leonard

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